Why Detox

If the perfect pH balance (of our bodies) is lost, it will be impossible to maintain health. The further we deplete our electrolytes and move towards greater acidity, the more our bodies lose control over the pH and the greater the threat to first, the digestive system ; subsequently the liver; the immune system; and finally all the other organs. After these three systems weaken, we become susceptible to one compounding problem after another. It has been recognised that it takes 20 years to create cancer.

Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D

Detoxing loosens and releases negative, dense energy in the form of toxins and stored tissue memory that create and recycle our old patterns. As this negative energy loosens and is released from our bodies via fasting, colonic hydrotherapy and emotional processing, we have the opportunity to access more energy than ever before. Removing toxins from our bodies literally gives us more space. What we have eaten in the past, even if we now eat a healthy balanced organic diet, is stored as toxins in our bodies, right down to each individual cell. Each cell, being a microcosm of the whole body, holds the toxins and memories of every thing that has happened to us.

One cell, examined under a microscope (as in blood analysis therapy) can show us what is happening in every part of the body!

A cleansing/detox program, followed by a continuous healthy diet, literally clears the clutter from our cells. Energy is free to move again, our bodies are more efficient and we notice that we no longer feel so heavy; get so tired; think negatively. Joy and expansion can begin to reign.

I can’t say it often enough. The cell is the fundamental unit of life, and proper cellular function is the essence of health.

Dr. Myron Wentz. Invisible Miracles.

Like attracts like. If we eat heavily toxic food, our bodies become heavily toxic. Our minds will then reflect our bodies and vice versa. Some schools advocate positive thinking, as a way of changing our lives. Many of us then become disheartened when we eventually fall back into the old patterns of failure and futility. Why? Because we are burdened with heavy toxins that eventually pull our minds and emotions back into negativity. If we do not release our emotional holdings, our emotions will also pull us back.

Our system cannot be split into separate aspects. What we eat will affect how we feel. How we feel will effect how we think. What we think, in turn, will affect how we feel and how we feel determines what we eat (we can eat to get away from feelings). An unbreakable cycle, you may think.

Detoxifying and cleansing on all three levels (mental, emotional and physical) helps break this cycle, giving us more energy, more space and more choices in our lives.

There is more space to see and get to know why ‘ such and such’ a pattern is there. We can expand and choose to let go of old patterns, mentally, emotionally and physically. We can free the repetitive, life constricting behaviour in our mental, emotional and physical bodies, thereby allowing our spiritual energy to be embodied.

Why Us?

Whilst incorporating the fasting programme designed by Dr Richard Anderson, our detox offers a unique opportunity not found in any other centre. People who have sampled other programmes and then returned to us do so because they recognise the value, to themselves, in our programme. You will find many opportunities (whether sitting in the parlour by our Aga sharing stories, or catching a 5 minute chat on your way to bed, or in our daily process sessions to feel held, nurtured, seen and heard.

The environment we create is one of spaciousness and intimacy, of self-reflection and teamwork, of love and support which continues long after your stay with us. It is often the moments outside of the scheduled programme when you meet with profound life-changing insights into your own process. At these times there is further opportunity for counselling in how to integrate these changes into your life.

As we have shared previously, this detox offers the uniqueness of the Ayurvedic energy psychology alongside Buddhist psychotherapy. You will have a deep understanding of how and why we are how we are.

Dianne Vanness, L.N.C.P.

Dianne offers 21yrs of training and experience in therapeutic work with the core energy system, (the five chakras and the subtle cranial system). She holds an awareness of trauma and shock that may be present in a person’s system and will only explore at a pace that is suitable, so as to not restimulate a persons trauma.

Dianne has completed postgraduate courses in Cranial Sacral Therapy, structural bodywork and completed one year of Biosynthesis with its founder, David Boadella of Zurich (a student of Wilhelm Reich) . She also attended workshops in Pre-perinatal Psychology (both in the UK and America) and Trauma resolution. Dianne taught Polarity Therapy for many years in several countries as well as facilitating group work. She loves totally, and feels so very privileged, in being a GRAND MOTHER to two wonderful girls and lovely boys, who show her how to be present in each moment to unconditional love.

Dianne is passionate about the psycho-emotional aspect of the five elements. Over the years practising as a Buddhist psychotherapist and being a trainer in an Ayurvedic based bodywork, she has fused together these two principles.

What has emerged for her is a body understanding of the energetic dance (energetic psychotherapy) between mind and emotions. When experienced from the five chakras this dance is easily explored and slowly unlocked.

Dianne feels that adding this to the detox programme brings about a complete and lasting change.

Some people use the skills of a life coach to get the most out of their life. Whether you are an athlete wanting to improve performance or a musician wanting to reach a greater level of expression, coaching provides on-going support and encouragement to achieve your goals. Likewise, after completing a detox journey with us, you may find that you would like the ongoing support and use of coaching techniques to continue your life in a way that has you feeling healthy and fulfilled. After the “high” of the detox wears off, it can be easy to fall back into your old routines, eating patterns or emotional habits.

Dianne offers a personal coaching service to detoxers who wish to continue with their breakthroughs and intentions for a new life, after settling back home.

Lan Comboy, L.R.A.M., R.P.T.

After winning scholarships to Royal Northern College of Music and the Vienna Academy of music, Ian had a successful career as an opera singer. He sang at he Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and all the major opera houses in the UK and Europe.

He is now a much sought after voice developer and vocal coach, has taught at the Bath Spa University and currently teaches at Dartington College of Arts.

In the 1980’s he studied Polarity Therapy and completed the Foundation course in Core Process psychotherapy.