This Detox

As I experience it, there is a triune (meaning three in one) relationship between the herbs, psyllium shake and a colonic hydrotherapy. Each affects the other quite deeply. Below I have explained the effect of each component as it passes through the system.

I also believe there is a further triune relationship in this Detox. That is between the mental, emotional and the physical aspects of ourselves. As we release the toxins, trapped and impeded energy can begin to flow, and this can often include emotional holding patterns. This is the part of the Detox that Dianne ‘holds’ through her trainings and many years experience as a practitioner. She has experienced that during this physical Detox a person can, if they wish, by looking at their mental and emotional patterns of behaviour, really let go and transform their life.

1. Herbs

Prior to the detox it is highly recommended for the detoxer to purchase from, Specialist Herbal Supplies, or phone them on 08450535433, for a supply of 100 caps of the Cascara Compound. Each capsule contains 7 herbs. These herbs break down the impacted mucoid plaque that collects along the walls of the small and large intestine, the colon. What we ate years ago can still have ‘left overs’ in the gut.

I have experienced and witnessed, that a detoxer will have a greater degree of elimination when taking this extra week of capsules, therefore enhancing the Detox further. During your Detox you will take a further 112 veggie capsules.

2. Shake

Five times each day you are given a shake. Included in the shake is hydrated Bentonite powder. This very fine powder, when added to pure water, becomes thick, like a paste. If we were to put an amount of this in the middle of a bowl of dirty water, after a while the water would start to clear from the outside, to the centre. What is happening is that the bentonite is drawing the impurities to ‘itself’. Bentonite has this same effect when going through the digestive tract. It draws the impurities from the tissue of the digestive tract as it moves through.

Also added to the shake are psyllium husks. These are quite fine, but when added to the drink they swell, therefore when passing through the digestive tract they act as a bulk, which dislodges the plaque that the herbs have loosened. For people who are not troubled with Candida then we add a little fresh organic fruit juice to the water.

3. Colonic Hydrotherapy

This has two effects:

  1. Twice a day you self-administer a Colema. We have special boards that are placed over the toilet basin, which you lie on. To the side and slightly raised on a stand is a bucket containing 10 litres of a specially prepared coffee, with added cider vinegar. This liquid, through special tubing, is self-administered into the lower bowel. The tubing has an on/off tap so the process maybe self regulated.

Throughout the seven days the mucoid plaque, (loosened by the psyllium), and the toxins released (drawn out from the tissue by the Bentonite), are passed into the large intestine, and flushed out of the body.

  1. It has been scientifically proven that the caffeine in the coffee, after about ten minutes, is fully absorbed into the Hepatic portal vein and makes it’s way to the liver (this vein only goes to the liver). Blood circulates through the liver roughly once every three minutes. As this occurs, the caffeine draws from the blood the toxins and they are then ‘emptied’ back into the colon and flushed from the body. A Colema usually lasts about 40 mins.

This means the blood is filtered roughly 10 or so times. During a 7-day detox. Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D author of Cleanse and Purify Thyself suggests that a person's blood can be cleansed.I believe it's because of this process that so many people I have had the great privilege to support, have rarely had the toxic headaches usually associated with a detox.

The Content of your Detox Day

Each day includes:

  • 5 Psyllium and Bentonite drinks. Theses are spaced at 3 hourly intervals. The first one upon rising.

  • 16 herb capsules a day, taken one and half hours after each drink. (4 capsules four times a day).

  • At bedtime you are given Acidophilus and Bifidus capsules to replace the healthy flora in the gut. (When you leave you will be given a few days supply to take)

  • Blue-green algae each day that provides the body with protein and nutrients. I use algae as it does not have a cellulose cell wall, thereby easier to assimilate and it is small enough to go through the blood-brain barrier.

  • Fresh organic vegetable juice.

  • As much reverse-osmosis water as you can drink.

  • You are shown each day a Polarity Yoga posture.The postures are simple but profoundly effective in opening the 5 main chakras and allowing you to maintain the effect of your detox when you are back home.

  • The use of a re-bounder; rowing machine; bike; outside trampoline, or you can just stop!

With Opportunities for:-

  • Individual therapy sessions with Dianne. (1 hour - £35)

  • Polarity bodywork with Dianne (1 Hour - £35)

  • Sound/voice sessions with Ian (1 hour - £35). In these sessions we explore your relationship with your voice and sound. You will be en-couraged to express yourself in sound, observing where there might be vocal blocks. With connection of the voice to the diaphragm through breathing techniques you will learn to empower yourself vocally, and the sound you make whether speaking or singing will resound holistically, not merely locally. When combined in a detoxing context, these sessions can have a direct effect on letting go and aid the elimination process.

  • Massage / lymph drainage massage (1hr - £35)

  • It is highly recommended to have 2 lymph massages during the 7-day detox, to help the lymph system eliminate toxins as well.

Use this detox to:

  • Detox your blood in 7 days.
  • Begin to cleanse your liver.
  • Begin to clear your small intestine and colon of mucoid plaque (a lifetime of debris!).
  • Lose weight.
  • Increase vitality and energy levels.
  • Learn how to maintain energy flows in your body.
  • Release old patterns.
  • Enjoy dramatic changes in food preferences.
  • Learn coaching tools for life.
  • Create a whole new lifestyle.
  • Transform your relationships.
  • Move into a future you love.
  • Learn how your body is governed by the Ayurvedic five elements.
  • Experience.
  • Body postures that will maintain the free flow of these 5 elements.

This is not just a one-week detox; it is 7 days of endless possibilities.

So why not join us at Stillpoint in the UK , for a holistic detox, with no long-haul flights to get to us!

We live in a seven bedroom Victorian house with two and a half acres of grounds overlooking the Elizabethan town of Totnes on the river Dart. We are only a few miles from Dartmoor and the beautiful South Devon Coast .

Within my home I have two large double bedrooms, and one single bedroom specifically for detoxers. The maximum I take for any one Detox is four people.

Totnes has a main line railway station, which connects to London (3hrs away) or Bristol and the North. It is 20min from the A38 that continues to Cornwall to the south and Exeter and the M3-4 North and West.