Our Ethos


Based on 18yrs experience as body therapist and Buddhist-based psychotherapist.


...Feel Inspired by this work. During this detox retreat we support you to cleanse, and let go, not only with the physical body but also the mental and emotional ‘bodies’.

Every person that has come has inspired us and we continue to be inspired by the completeness of this process. Everyone has had a journey that transformed who he or she was.

Guests discover hidden layers of themselves that they did not know were there. They unravel and come to terms with aspects from their past that they had no idea were depleting them on ALL levels. To be witness to this is not only inspiring but also humbling.

Are Passionate about working with ALL the aspects of ourselves. We believe that to be fully alive, present and empowered we have to connect to the still place within ourselves, the stillpoint.

From this centre we can observe, without judgement, and give time and attention to whatis present within, e.g. our opinions; judgements, not only about ourselves but also others.

With these mental opinions come feelings, nearly always unexpressed and almost always from our past. This blocks and inhibits one being fully self-expressed and alive.

This stillpoint can be said to be a cusp for transformation. In error, one believes this to be our true identity- the identity that we created in the past in order to ‘get through’. We, however, feel passionate about the fact that this pattern can transform.

Are humbled by our body’s ability to self-regulate, and to be witnessing the depth of our guests letting go of lifedeadening symptoms and ways of being. We are humbled by the trust people place in us as they take the detox to a deeper therapeutic level.

Offer a compassionate, open space for people to be curious about themselves. Developing open curiosity about who we are, allows us to let go of strong negative feelings. These feelings are contractive and ‘hold’ us in our old patterns.

Locked within these feelings are what we call ‘gifts’. Illuminating these will lead us to a stillpoint, where we have the choice to let go or not.

Some unstructured time and space for quiet reflection.

This is the journey we offer on our detox retreats.